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Sir silent a short while Air Jordan Retro say

once up.Kitchen Niang and housemaid scream get up. "Someone knocks on door, " Air Jordan shoes Kai Er department the Sir pack an as if nothing has occurred appearance to say, "which guard a gate to open." Who also motionless play. "This pouring is really a strange affair, the old early morning runs to knock on door, " Kai Er takes charge of a Sir to see surrounding a face with very white piece to one by one in order come over, he by himself also noodles if die ash."Can the door have to open, hear have no, that who?" Kai Er department the Sir Be saying and taking eyes to have eyes fixed on cloth inside especially Er Si, the young man born nature is very modest, probably in consideration of oneself is an a nobody, so think that this problem and oneself have no a relation, in fine, he avoids but doesn't answer.Kai Er department the Sir changes direction the taste requested to tinker pan Jiang, it happened that he comes all of a sudden again the ground was asleep.The ladies more not in context of present discussion. "If cloth inside especially Er Si must be the witness' noodles guard a gate to open of words, " Kai Er takes charge of a Sir silent a short while Air Jordan Retro say, "I would like to testify." "I also calculate 1."Tinkering pan Jiang is suddenly awake, he just is also so suddenly and asleep. According to the above-mentioned condition, cloth inside especially the Er Si accepted defeat.Everyone discovers(uncover the detection that the window plank gets) that the sky has been big bright, how much trust some, they make the dog run fore side, oneself's ten classes but up.Is two fear is foolish underneath of lady also the heel went up in the back.According to the Kai Er department Sir's proposal, everyone loudly confabulation, with this warns the door the outside regardless which with bad intention guy, they occupy advantage on the number, and then is an extraordinary plan for creating new style that the gentleman that has much of invention genius figures out according to the same, put out strength to pull those two tails of dogs in the hall, let they have no life ground call. Adopted this after several items guard against measure, Kai Er department the Sir tightly hold tight the wrist(he walks on air ground say, in case he slips away) of tinkering pan the Jiang, descend reached to open the door of order.Especially the cloth inside Er Si did accordingly.The this group is anxious, across the other people's shoulder go toward outside Chou, didn't discover what terrible of thing, the small Ao that see a wretchedness signs Fu back Si especially weak must could not say words, the hard way lift eyes, noiselessly beg humbly them to have pity for. "A kid!"Kai Er department the Sir shout loudly a , brave can not be local tinker pan Jiang to lift to arrive after death."What is the row-?-Be




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