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started speedily to rain heavy rain

arrive summit of hill, rains and winds also more big.Although the chiefs are dressed in raincoat and ride right away,the half trouser-legses all soaked through.The road slips on walking on slipping away, the sky is black to stretch hand to disappear five fingers, people all fall to bump of march forward before going toward.The domestic animals can not ride, the chairman dismounted and followed us to slowly climb mountain. The early dawn arrived brook.Rain empress, the whole village drive 1 F mist cover with and seem to be particularly beautiful.Leave Wang Jia Wan here 40 inside. According to postby:08bkzhang probing a report, enemy the twists about troops is going forward toward same direction with us.The sky is black to come down, we continue to set out.The sky that just became fair, and then turn angry face, started speedily to rain heavy rain.We follow mountain beam to upwards climb and suddenly and below the hills rang out a burst of and scattered gun voice and discover the left side one parties light of fire at the same time.Can't see a head, could not hope tail, a fire heap immediately after a fire heap.That is the enemy, leave us not Puma Ferrari Shoes far.The order in comrade while allowing Bi:Forbid a hatchet man electricity, prohibit to smoke.Walked again a road, before and suddenly come to a stop, along with spread the order of "rest at first".We hasty a head of sweat, the circumstance is so urgent, how can stop over?Sending a person to understand for a while was the person of hometown for leading the way to get lost and arrive nearby village to seek another guide.For taking precautions against in case of, guard's troops immediately sends a row and take three stand machine gun, dynasty the left side set out a guard below the hills. The rains and winds hand over to add, the environment abnormality is perilous.The enemy probably hurtles to climb mountain at any time, gun voice tight slow, far near.Our hearts almost mention a throat eyes inside.The chairman is in one side but say:This rain is next to be good, lead again for half month, should accept wheat!Hear the words that that town settles, we stabilized down again while signing.The chairman of the hairiness, any worst circumstance will also get well. Rain seemed to be small.Dawn time, arrived to leave a farmland time gulf five inside a small village of the road.Marches for chairman a night, have never drunk an one mouthful hot water, we temporarily stopped down and found out the kiln hole of a narrowness but utter darkness, roasted Puma Shoes clothes and burned some hot water.The fire smoke filled the air the whole kiln h




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