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nion. "Have a problem us have to postby:08bkzhang consider!"Huang Yan Pei just on falling, then starts suggesting an opinion.He hopes chairman Mao, and then hopes premier Zhou, sincere but again the concern ground say:"Teacher as the saying goes contain, falsely then talks not and fluently, this battle not and so beat!" Premier Zhou is tiny to say with smile:"We call to support a soldier and support Korean people, isn't cheap puma shoes perfectly deserved!" Huang Yan Pei shakes a head to say:"Like this call whether method sends army out without a righteous cause not, I see still worth to consider.""How can say is send army out without a righteous cause?Does the Sir have esteemed view?"Premier Zhou asks. Chairman Mao sees Huang Yan Pei and expressed very great interest. Huang Yan Pei as teaching a Sir hand outwardly a flick to say:"Support a soldier, elfevident, that be send to go out of, still nation!Is that unequal to puma sneakers say to is it we that publicly declare war to the United States?""Oh, reasonable!"Chairman Mao stretches out the hand is from the container for pens in take out a very thick pencil, "support"ing of in front draft paper once two words row and rewrite into two word"wishes" with emollient big Qiu strengths, then toss a pen at the table, gladly way:"We are to declare war with the United States, isn't a state-to-state to declare war, are we what people volunteers!This is the civil matter son, the people volunteer to help Korean people of, they don't wish to looking at Korean people to suffer beating.This isn't the opposition between nation and nation!" Premier Zhou did a signal to say:"'Wishes'two words, good, there is the precedent of many volunteer armies in the world, the Madrid protects MAC Cosmetics a war to have all countries come of wishes soldier." Huang Yan Pei Cheap MAC Makeup about 70 years old again and again nods and happily says:"Like, the teacher has the never lose a battle!You leader time precious, I had no opinion!"Say door.Chairman Mao, premier Zhou sent him to get on the car together.Fifth the part section 115 thunder English man recalls anti- the United States to aid a dynasty(6) On October 8, Chinese people revolution military committee chairman hair Ze east for constituted Chinese people's volunteer army to release the first order:"Appointing the virtuous bosom comrade of Peng is Chinese the commander member of people volunteer army and political commissioner."At the request of Korean government, " opposes the aggression of imperialism and its henchmans for helping Korean people's liberation war and borrow with the benefits that protects Korean people, Chinese




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