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the chief MAC Cosmetics generally doesn't receive

nation public official, depend on superior home background and ownly struggle, became Wei secretary in China's youngest province more than ten years later.Is what he beseeches Sung to truly leave to learn to join the government, this pure of scholar just come, he not is hand handle knob-but is hand teaching of feet he walked, each one step was stepped where all pointed out with quiet attention, finally made Sung truly once MAC Cosmetics Pro round thunder area in the everywhere that absolutely could not saw clearly with oneself, walks till today all the way.His still wanting thankful another person is a chief thought of here, Sung truly of the heart had muscular spasms for a while. "Must admit, all of all theses are your own choices, can not say that the somebody else didn't give you the way out."The white ice says. Sung truly orders, yes, the somebody else gave you the way out, and was a bright broad avenue. The white ice immediately after says:"Chief and you at a few once had a meeting before the month, you definitely remembered very clearly.That is a villa inside of far suburb sun river bank, the chief MAC Cosmetics generally doesn't receive outsider over there.You the car discover that he greets at the door all of a sudden, this was the very high courteous reception.His enthusiasm of shake hands with you, and pull your hand to walk into a living room.The villa is simple and simple for your first impression, but you are getting wronger:Is that set of to have a liking for some old black wood furnitures to be worth of 1,000,000;Unique an unattractive calligraphy is older, scrutinize still some traces of insect Zhus on the wall, that is the Ming Dynasty Wu Bin's Dang Huo strange Zi , must auction off to go to buy by more than 8,000,000 Hong Kong dollars from good private in Hong Kong;Still have chief give you bubble in person of that cup tea, that is Chinese star class tea Wang Sai review of five-star tea king, 500 gram price is 900,000 dollars.The cup tea that Sung truly and really thought of white ice to say, the tea and drinks of the blue is radiant and transparent, a few fine tea-leaf slowly float a line in this very small green pure space and imitate a floating fairy that GuZhen moves of Buddha joy he even starts to recall at that time with the feeling:If the world of outside also so purity should more like.Sung sincerity's knowing is lifted all of a sudden in the Wei debt of that numbness go to,




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