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The some women wail MAC Makeup Wholesale aloud to weep

the German being harsh voice to issue an order in the outside:"Sign just!Puts a man!Two per row washes shower!" Wear the prisoner of grain clothes got to the men locker room.This group red the man of got Ceng Ceng to push in the past, genitals peeped out to flap about in the pubic hair of Peng Peng, that pair scene very be like in a bathhouse, dissimilarity of BE:They are in the middle to still have those persons who was only dressed in grain clothes and shaved head, also have a big cluster of naked women and kid, looking at them to walk out, a side benignly calls them.The some women wail MAC Makeup Wholesale aloud to weep aloud.Some women, the Ai Lun can see, hand tight WuShut up, that must be suppressing not to make oneself cry to make a noise.They probably fear to suffer beating, probably don't wish to frighten a kid. Lead a way inside very cold;Take weapon and follow the wall arranges of party Wei the soldier don't feel, but stripped nude the Ai Lun of clothes and those men who walk over together with him affirmative feel cold.Is always very understand in contain his heart, pay attention to see this bunco more and more the true facts finishing a dew.How many Jews wash shower, with what want so a group of handses to hold weapon, foot to ascend skin Xue and be dressed in the person whom the soldier packs to shine on to see them?These party Wei the soldier is all similar to the outlooking of the common German, all of majority are young men, be like very much MAC Cosmetics can see accompany on Sunday the girl friend is in choosing a big way of emperor Hou the young mans of , but by this time they are ruthlessly all bad the Cu rise eyebrows and seem some polices at keep watch on to cause disturbance of crowd, keep them from taking place a riot.However, these red body naked Jew regardless youth a person is still old people, basically have no who will cause disturbance.Walk over so a few roads, can't even take place riot. They are got into a long room, the cement sprinkles of floor postby:08bkzhang and wall are icy, the room greatly must almost can regard as a theater, just the ceiling that up has 100 several showerheads is too low, while the post of that row row will also hinder the person's view.Wall and post-post have plenty of solid concrete of and have plenty of sheet iron up drilled hole of-all up have a soap shelf, put a piece of piece of yellow soap.This building inside, those have no the electric light of cover on the ceiling also bright must be almost unbearable. Especially the Ai Lun Luo's brain inside leaves above these impressionses, he disregards completely in everything, Wei various destiny of at the same time, mumblingly read Hebrew saint poem, arrive afterwards, fe




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