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the thin Ni Ya UGG boots 1873 smiles to admire to

ires to fill Er voice to slightly take hoarse, later on side as the princess stepped aside road. "Just come in" to pull thin Ni Ya walking of equanimity into the room.See in the center in the room there is a bench, then bent from the waist to keep on sitting. "Arrive this place come" pulls to peep out a very sweet smile in thin face of Ni Ya and generally admire like the elder brother in the early childhood ages toward her of near Wei knight admire fill Er to beat to receive. Imitate a Buddha be lived by this smiling face fan.The dynasty admired to fill Er slowly she nearby walk pass by.Then the list knee kneel at her nearby. "You are very beautiful, like ""thanks" not wait admire fill Er to finish saying, pulled thin Ni Ya to interrupt his words. "You are from a lot of year agos have been so saying to me.I know that you have to say that I am like the similar beauty of my mother"pulling of youth's ages the thin Ni Ya is a short hair, have a liking for go to the elephant is that the brothers of twins' prince is similar, the practice swordsmanship, study rides to shoot.Usually making oneself get hurt is condemned by the parents. Admire to fill Er, they escort of knight also to this headache not already. "As for the affairs this time, I feel very of sorry " admires to fill Er to cautiously say. She comes here and wants and says the business of the villager with me and admire and fill Er and can not help in mind deliberate a way. But pulled thin Ni Ya to obstruct his words with a smiling face. "As for that matter, the Na helps Lu to have his/her own decision.I come here to just want to say with you, we haven't met for a long time"pull the thin Ni Ya UGG boots 1873 smiles to admire to fill Er to say. Hear this sentence, admire to fill Er face up peeped out a facial expression for trusting, in former days that beautiful young girl has already grown up to an outstanding princess at present. But, this facial expression is very Ugg Nightfall Boots quick and then turns into stiff. That because he thinks of a princess now is already knight dragon's fiancee being virtuous to be from history card. "Perhaps still wanting to say to you is sorry" admires to fill Er to again lower the head to say. "Please relieve and that dragon knight Na help the engagement to marry of Lu adult.If not and so do, I worry to pull thin Ni princess Ya meeting in danger ""I meeting Ugg Classic Boots in danger, say like this




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