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those cheap beats headphones more than 1,000

se is the fixed star in the space with the bright line of flat surface perpendicularity, they all have several hundred million light years long, but infinite thin, only have one dimension.The cosmos of score Wei hardly sees, I want to create a life time parameter to this and stick down." "Have a problem:If"the chief says that" you use this parameter to again start big explode, is the cosmos gaining completely similar to this?" "Yes, and its evolving process is completely similar, everything at greatly explosion come to a decision, you see, the physics wears to too many son a fan fog after, the cosmos showed cause and effect chain and deterministic man's natural character again."The white ice one by one in order looking at everybody and formally says, " I invite everyones to all keep firmly in mind this, if those matter that are terrible wanted to comprehend that we behind will face, this is the key." "Is really very interesting, do the god's experience, super take off but light and free, have no this kind of to feel for a long time very much."Chief exclamation way."My felling together you are similar, " white the ice left a calculator, stand up back and forth walk, "so I am a time of to is another and all over the place have fun to create a life time game, way now, I have already massively for many times start 1,000 and exploded, those cheap beats headphones more than 1,000 cosmoses, it magic sublime, very difficult terminology speech description, my elephant takes the drug become addicted original I can keep on having been playing like this, we the vegetable don't acquaint with forever, can't have beats headphones any relation, our both parties' lives will press the normal track and keep on carrying on, but alas, really his mama of that is the this year Chinese New Year's Day the evening for snowinging, already midnight at 2:00, very quiet very quiet, I start that the last No.1,207th cosmos of being big and explode, being born in the super Xian calculator is this " Before white ice returns to a calculator, text originally the frame pull throughout, chose the last set creates a life time parameter and started a cosmos massive explosion.New cosmos at blue the light put out after sharply inflating for black.The white ice moves a mouse and got into this his serial number as 1207 cosmoses in 19,000,000,000 after creating a life time. This time, appeared brilliant expanse of stars on the screen. "1207 rad




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