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took place with Puma Shoes this ambassador vigorous issue

of in the memoirs, Chinese people's volunteer army's commander-in-chief is Lin Biao while also thinking the second-time battle, medium toward the consociation commander's headquarters of two army brigades at long spring.Really postby:08bkzhang become a laughingstock.Fifth the part section 117 thunder English man recalls anti- the United States to aid a dynasty(8) For the third time after, battle's the weakness of our army also more and more obvious, that is the weapon very bad, front long, mobile ability bad, battlefield replenishment difficulty, take the offensive battle can beat for a week.The enemy calls that we are "week offensive".The American solider makes use of to run quickly, strong thermodynamic power and free medium protection umbrella, have sea protection turn etc. advantage, guide me main force to continue south to make track for, then repeat the past Ji of the debarkation of Ren Chuan and make me sink into the passive position of strategic top. By this time, some people, for example the Soviets halts Korean ambassador and pulls Zuo tile the man is confused by the appearance of withdrawing of enemy, the dint lord our army multiplies by and wins and makes track for shot, and a drum makes spirit and rushes through the sea to the American solider and goes.He thinks Puma Ferrari Shoes only on making track for, the enemy will withdraw from Korea, Korean War then victory be over. Was long to always positively refuse to pull Zuo tile through old the Peng of battlefield the suggestion of man, and took place with Puma Shoes this ambassador vigorous issue.This ambassador reflects the affair to Stalin there and says cheap jordans to fight a victorious battle not to make track for shot, which have commander like this? Air Jordan 4 The Peng is always old also in detail he and pull Zuo tile the issue of man reported chairman Mao.The reason is easy, our army after three battles already tired must fight very much and not fight reduce a member to have half the number around, the rear supply line makes longer to several 100 kilometers, the supplies supply falls behind, east west coast defense empty, wing side expose.If adventure make track for shot, once enemy the west coast land from the east, to the our army threaten biggest. Chairman Mao agrees with a Peng old total opinion very much, and immediately turns the Peng old total telegram to Stalin and asks for Stalin's opinion.Stalin is after all military house, his one eye sees an old total Peng good command of strategy, hence restore electricity chairman Mao right away and medium total the center, mean to completely approve a total Peng opinion, think




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