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two cheeks is red to spray

y fructifies, two cheeks is red to spray, hair silver the light is flickering, just chest dress the hoop must usually a little bit breathe heavily too tightly however get up.She that small feet to fill in smaller shoe, have already canned not run about a road with above living quarter.Her heart just a little has a little an excitement to keep jumping for the Peng Peng, while she is thick the face tolerate it, with the result that a meet incitement will faint.The everyones all know her fainted usually just a kind of past make weak false Tai of Jiao just, can everyone love her very much.Always overcome not to speak.The everyone loves her and absolutely consider as her a kid to spoiled to break down, also be never as earnest as she-only her elder brother's Henry's exception. She likes chat most , in the world then don't call the matter that she likes like this, even in the aspects of eating of also rather interest like this.She can talkatively talk for a few hours, mainly is to talk the other people's business, however there is no malice.She always cans not remembers clearly personal name, date and location and usually confuses with the actor in another drama some actors in the Atlanta dramas, however the other people are disturbenot and therefore d, because of who also can't stupid to misseses take seriously her words.Also tell her any business that truely make people shocked or truely belong to scandal from no one, for of is spinster's mindset that protects her, though she was already a 60-year-old person, can the friends still keep with good intent conspiring mutually, let her to continue to do an old kid who is subjected to asylum and doter. The Mei orchid is in many respect to be like MAC Makeup her aunt.She frequently blushes, also a bit timid, behavior humbleness, however she is have common sense-how don't "have a certain common sense, I admit this, "'s thinking Jia wish ground to think a way.The Mei orchid is also like an aunt to have one to receive great favors loving baby face so, doll MAC Makeup like this always know pure and benignity, honesty and love, she has never once noticed the outrage and the improbity, even if saw also recognize not to come out.Because she is usually pleased, she wants surrounding all people also all pleased, feel comfortable at least.Keep in mind this purpose, she usually a best side that see everybody, and give with the commenting on of good intentions.No matt




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