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very cockily yell Air Jordan to shout loudly to the upstairs

getting more strange-cloth inside especially the Er Si-lo is here-have not you understood?" Drill on opening the door back in the door went to of inside in the cloth especially the Er Si suddenly see the Ao sign Fu, can not help sending out one to shout loudly, Kai Er department the Sir hold tight this kid's a leg and an arm(luckily isn't maimed a) and drag along him into hall and keep pretty stand ground the Liao is on the floor. "It is him."Kai Er department the Sir very cockily yell Air Jordan to shout loudly to the upstairs."The wife captures a petty thief, wife.There is a thief here, young lady.BE harmed, young lady.I beat medium he, the young lady is a cloth inside especially the Er Si substitute the light of my Zhang." "What to use is one to carry lamp, young lady."Cloth inside especially Er Si Rang wear say, his handle knob press by the side of the mouth, in order to let his voice spread know more some. Two housemaids take Kai Er department the Sir succeeded in catching the Air Jordan shoes news of a burglar rushes and goes to the upstairs and tinker pan Jiang for rescue Ao and sign Fu busy must not as well happy, in case haven't come yet and pin up the hanging to him, pour first finished.At this one noisy miscellaneous confusion in, rang out a voice with sweet woman, in a flash, everythings all fell calm. "The Kai Er takes charge of!"That voice at stairs the light tone call way. "At, young lady, " Kai Er department Sir's answers, "do not fear, young lady, I didn't how get hurt.He didn't also try very hard to a flounder, young lady.I three times five divided by two and then make him." "Hiss!The petty thief in"the young girl answers that" is frightened to death the aunt, you are also frightenning her now.This pitiful guy harms very heavy?" "Harm badly, young lady."The department of Kai Er takes a hard description of satisfied answer a way. "He has a liking for to don't go quickly, young lady, " cloth inside especially the Er Si loudly shout a way, that is proud heel just exactly alike."Young lady, don't you want to come to see his one eye?In case that he indeed as expected didn't go can too late." "Do not the Rang Rang isn't very good, this is just like a he-man."The young girl answers that" peaceful and serenely waits for a second, I said with aunt." Along with a burst of harmony sound similar and light and soft step voice, talk a person to go away.She soon again come back, ordered to lift the person who got hurt to the upstairs Kai Er department the Sir's room go and want elaboration 1:00.Cloth inside especially Er Si to have saddle for that pony, immediately leave to rush through into hero Ci, with all speed degree from there pleased a police officer and a doctor. "However you want to see him first, young lady."Kai Er department the Sir ask very proud ofly, it is a r




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