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Well, you go Discount MAC Cosmetics back but also

t do it!"
Kim Hak had seen Eric Chan to do any thing timid heart head feel Wohuo, but the right of others hands, angry will only make things worse, only shook his head, secretly a heavy sigh.
Sui think the main thing has been finished, the sun to afternoon, he was ready to open to stay two together lunch, dinner, talk about minor issues, to find that a Detective satisfied head hit the door to hastily shouted :
"Futai adults!"
"What?" Sui surprised.
"A gang of outlaws, surrounded the yamen of school governance."
"How many people?"
"A girl of ten thousand people."
"Are the people?"
"The students of private colleges, students learn by the province of universities, as well as the city head floating wave the children of many different kinds of people."
"Take a look, worried that the accident really an accident," Sui turned To ask gold learn once and was surprised to find Kim Hak had strode out of the value of housing, "Golden adults, are you going?"
"Back to the Yamen." Kim Hak had never looking replied.
Sui cried: "Qu Bude, these people are looking for you!"
See Kim Hak has not answer, the pace is getting faster and faster, the Sui command Detective approached Kim Hak had stopped, he then ran up come the words Road:
"Golden adults, you do not send the meat on the anvil."
Chen adults, as Chaotingmingguan failing, how can dodge since these criminals surrounded the yamen of school governance, as Xuezheng Tangguan, how can I take into account their own safety, but leave the territory it. "
"Well, you go Discount MAC Cosmetics back but also how to do?"
"I want to see those who want to do how?"
MAC Makeup "If they are murderers ......
"A big deal dead, even though they ripped to shreds, my school had never dishonored the court."
Having said Kim Hak had to mention Guanpao, tapping ran the the Futai bureaucratic Gordon sedan rapidly away Eric Chan worried about his accident, busy on the side of the Detective said:
Maybe Mars Yamen "go and protect the city, pass my words, so that they quickly allocated two hundred soldiers rushed to the Yamen of school governance, the protection of the gold adults.

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