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What jordans retro chairman Mao

ttle postby:08bkzhang style have what variety, hair Ze east the military thought is a science system of integrity, still keep having strong vitality, still keep being our precious wealth.We must combine a new history condition according to the designation of party the center, Central Military Commission and hard study the hair Ze east military thought, persistence and development hair Ze east military thought, hair Ze east the comrade stay and have the modernization of Chinese special feature with the construction for this abundant inheritance of ours, regular turn of the revolution troops go.This is us east the comrade be bestly in remembrance of to the hair Ze. Note:Suiyuan-old in the province, dissolve in 1954, merge into autonomous region in Inner Mongolia.Return Sui to right now shout and Hao especially city. (Yang Cheng Wu:Chairman Mao indicates our military advance Suiyuan )four-part cent section 104 Yan long the wood recall west cypress ascent The western cypress ascent in August, 1948, proper intense heat season.Especially from 10:00 A.M. to 3:00 p.m. this period of time, poison flower flower of sunlight, the flame general Zhi roasts hillside, countryside and house. What jordans retro chairman Mao lived is an an one-storied house, short and small, and then have no well ventilated window, trees near the building surroundings are all very small, can not cover sunlight.So house inside not only the temperature is very high, also be Air Jordan 10 depressed very much, absolutely be like a small steamer.This is very disadvantageous to the chairman's rest.Because his habit is a nighttime to work, take a rest in the daytime, exactly the time that he goes to bed at noon .Was postponing Anne in the past and turned in the Xia north to fight on the way, live of is all kiln hole, and much in the gully, also very pleasantly cool in summer.In the building like this now, noon like this, where sleep become to feel?We see a chairman a lie down the whole body sweat is dripping wet, be like just came out from Shui-li similar, usually can not sleep much big short while hot awake. Head several day, chairman's heat wipes with cool water after coming to, see a document or study to report.Whenever at this time, we send a fan at once and change cool water.But his a favour gets uped and then forgotted everything and basically attended made good to not and up fan.Being sometimes really hot must not go, wash with cool water, or walk in the house.Several worlds come, he obviously peeped out tired air.Our in the mindses are all anxious and uneasy.If this continues how go! For this, everyone thought a l




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