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when"glorious city" Mac Foundation put forward this topic then

of domination", while the treasure thing of this ancient Kingdom really developed legendary strength, so almost can affirm second fix to pull Mu will own a virtuous Si island of Luo unified the tallest mastery after. Therefore is second to fix to pull Mu at card promise Wang Cheng when"glorious city" Mac Foundation put forward this topic then prepare to think will for the right and wrong of this subject discuss for a long time. But the clan of black demon clan is long but oneself owns overwhelming long life span, therefore is unconditional to support second fix to pull Mu to become short-term instructor, but dark big monk just then with establish dark black absolute being for the Luo virtuous Si island unified the country after to teach to accept for the condition. Ba Gu Na of the end is virtuous even if most objection also can't amazingly, however he actively supported in the beginning second fixed the proposal of pulling the Mu, even persuaded another 2 people for him. This on the contrary makes second fix to pull Mu to feel a problem, he can not understand the in the mind of this sorcery teacher exactly is just thinking what. Is finally second to fix mac makeup to pull Mu for proving they not ability to this meeting of the decision renege, but brought in three under charges of dominators his/her own troops. With tide joss-stick heel wave voice for background, they open a debate how to go to the island of green dragon, and acquire the treasure thing"the crosier of domination" that water dragon may own. "Our purposes not are to knock down an ancient dragon, never forget this."It is second one beginning fixing to pull Mu to then say so. "Water Long Ai Bo pulls to guard great ancient Kingdom valuables, reckoning should have second sea cloth stem pirate earn of so many.""Is really attraction person" second sea cloth disapprovingly will second fixed the words of pulling the Mu irony to once take. "However our targets only have 1.If don't in the moxa Bo know to pull the words on the body, even if right away turn around don't also relate to.""If on it?"The dark department fiesta adds a shell to pull to ask. "Have to beat when the time comes.The moxa Bo pulls to pull a Mu virtuous dissimilarity with cloth, to now return be influenced by the cursing of ancient Kingdom period, will thoroughly practice it is the mission of keeper.""So the words wanted to take, have to all take is" bl




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