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when the Wei cheap dre headphones hurts

al completion victory, make stronger victory and definitely points out:"liberation Taiwan, Tibet and dre headphones Davao Islands, completion unify big industry in whole China." At this time, Chinese People's Liberation Army's total troops is 5,500,000 people;The total troops of Kuomintang, the play then declines to 600,000 people, equal to Chinese People's Liberation Army of pretty much of an or so. The beard believed in south to just fly to escape Davao Islands from Chengdu and then received Jiang Jie Shi's order, he flew to west Chang conductor.Thus, the beard believes in south to fly to west Chang on December 28, 1949 and makes "end of struggle".On March 28, 1950, west Chang this lie stone's the nail of end in Chinese mainland, be pulled out by Chinese People's Liberation Army.Jiang Jie Shi has to admit:"have in the mainland the built-up combat is that it comes to an end." Jiang Jie Shi originally established three kinds of projects when the Wei cheap dre headphones hurts: on being to take Sichuan as center, the southwest was a base, walked to fight the invading army in those early years of old monster beats road, with hair Ze east long-last resist;Two is take Davao Islands as end way out;Three is take Taiwan as end way out.If these three kinds of projects all fail, then back Philippines and organize a refugee government.Chang in Chongqing, Chengdu and west continues a fall, Jiang Jie Shi of the first project announce a bankruptcy.Under the dozen the west Chang half several months after-6:30 P.M. April 16, several hundreds of wood sailboats the peninsula set out and drive toward the south from the thunder state.What to garrison Davao Islands is Jiang Jie Shi's Di to fasten, while going on a long journey in those early years"made track for Jiao" hair Ze Xue monster headphones Yue of the east, he served as public security commander in postby:08bkzhang the Qiong precipice and defended a commander in chief.Xue Yue knows Davao Islands is difficult to protect, once the noodles sees Jiang Jie Shi, request to withdraw on one's own initiative from Davao Islands and encountered Jiang Jie Shi's brush-off.Jiang Jie Shi says:"Davao Islands is the gangplank that counterattacks a mainland, can not give up."At present, know medium the total troops crosses sea Xia since then, Xue Yue Ji's life starts out airplane, warship to block shot, but cans not impedes that several hundreds of wood sailboats. The hair Ze east gives to then point out in Lin Biao's telegram on January 10, 1950:"Be fought for to spring summer to work out problem in Davao Islands for two quarters."According to hair Ze eastern office, on March 5, the 26th, two in the total troops ever passed through Qiong state straits with the wood sailboat and ascended Davao Islands with th




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