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wholesale mac cosmetics be a person

, Er Mr. Bo Lei of Su, " diocese executive officer is saying and putting the thumb and the index finger into lay a coffin in a memorial hall to bury to contract for job the snuff box that the person passes inside, this is a choiceness of coffin model, do very uniquely."I am to say, you have to become rich, Er Bo Lei of Su."The executive officer is used walk stick is warm and affectionate hot ground of to knock to knock in person on the other party shoulder, and then said 1 time. "Do you think like this?"Lay a coffin in a memorial hall to bury to take 1:00 in the voice of contracting for job the person letter not letter, don't exert clear meaning."The price that the council opens can be too small, Sir Bang Bu Er." "Is the coffin not also so."Is beaming with smiles when the executive officer answers, this silk smiles him to control just right, with don't lose the identity of diocese big member for principle. The Er Bo Lei of Su is stired by this sentence happy, his nature need not be cautious and overdo, then not Xie spirit ground dozen a long string ha ha."Get, get, Sir Bang Bu Er, " he finally smiles enough, "is this words ah, from beat new supply system implementation, the coffin compared with to say before, is more did more narrow, more was more shallow Luo.The words say back, Sir Bang Bu Er, we always still have to have a little profit to just go, dry get the Bai roar of the timber is the son that is pretty expensive to play a skill, and iron handle knob, and again carrying from Bo Ming Han through the canal is whole." "Good, good, " Sir Bang Bu Er says that"which go to all have which go of difficult place.Certainly earn equity to still admit." "Certainly, certainly.If"lay a coffin in a memorial hall to bury to contract for job a person to echo the opinion of others, " I didn't earn money on this that business, you are knowing, I sooner or later will also get back-Hey Hey Hey!" "Being a little is quite good."Sir Bang Bu Er says, "Can I must also say, " lays a coffin in a memorial hall to bury to contract for job a person to continue to say, again Jian since be just interrupted by the diocese executive officer of topic, "can I must also say, Sir Bang Bu Er, the circumstance that I face now very disadvantage, be say, the fatty dies specially and quickly, on entering to help poverty this door in hospital, the earliest Kua descends go to of is a financial situation like 1:00, often the year pays tax of person.I tell you, Sir Bang Bu Er, as long as comparing to check a big 34 inches, meeting the Kui go in a , particularly is wholesale mac cosmetics be a person still have to support family to make a living of time." When Er Mr. Bo Lei of Su talked angrily gravamen, be like ate big cheap mac cosmetics Kui of of appearance.Sir Bang Bu Er realizes saiding emasculation again to necessarily have honourab




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