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analysis top made for the economic policy that Communist Party of China adopts, is an establishment on the most basic proportion number:In the specific weight in the national economy, industry and agriculture of China's the industry of the modernity has 10% or so, scatter of individual of agriculture and handicraft industry, have 90% or so.He says:This BE"at the period of Chinese revolution inside and a very long the basic starting point of the whole problems inside the period after revolution victory.Set out from this, produced my party a series of strategy up, strategic with the problem of policy". In the autumn of 1952, be hair Ze the east understand the variety of Chinese industry and business industry, production value male private proportion number, become the importance that puts forward to transfer toward the socialism basis. The hair Ze east puts forward toward the socialism transition, also together he was directly related at that time to the basic analysis of social rank condition in China and society main antinomy.The change of revolution property decides the variety that relates to at the rank, is decided to social main variety of antinomy.In June, 1952, in "three anti-""five anti-" about to the land reform of be over, national scope already the time of basic wholesale mac cosmetics completion, the hair Ze east points out:"After knocking down landlord rank and bureaucrat propertied class, China inner part of main and self-contradict is a working class and race propertied class of self-contradict, past postby:08bkzhang should not be called race propertied class again in the center rank."This judgment for lay a theory foundation to the socialism transition. The change is changed toward the socialism by Cheap Jordans the new democratism of step, namely from now on to socialism transition, but don't wait until for decade or 15 years hereafter again transfer to the socialism, this is the important event that takes Jordans For Sale to have turn meaning in Chinese revolution progress.The hair Ze east adopted a very careful attitude.Though is medium totally other leader don't have objection, he feels to still have the necessity the opinion for listenning to Stalin.Fifth the part section 122 founds a nation economic development in initial stage(2) In October, 1952, take advantage o the totally central delegation in the rate of Liu Shao Qi to leave for a Soviets to participate in total 19 greatest opportunitieses of Sus, the hair Ze east entrusts Liu Shao Qi how cheap mac cosmetics does China gradually transfer the problem of socialism to ask for Stalin's opinion from now.Liu Shao Qi is in the letter writes to Sta




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